In your garage, perhaps one of the last things that you notice is the garage flooring. However, the garage flooring is as important as the car that is in your garage, and as such there are several ways to make sure that your garage flooring is safe.

About Garage Flooring

Although the other parts of a home can have a variety of different kinds of flooring, that is not true for garage flooring. Think about each time that you have been in a garage, whether it was a professional auto body shop or a regular garage, and what kind of flooring has it been? Most likely it has been some kind of cement flooring.

So, why is cement flooring (often with a resin treatment on it for those who do not want the floor stained with car oil) the best kind of garage flooring? There are several reasons, and their have to do with efficiency and safety.

Firstly, garages are not meant to be particularly clean places. They are meant to be places in which to keep the car or cars, as well as tools if you do not have a shed. Thus, the floor should be able to withstand the oil from cars. If a cement floor is stained with oil, it is not much of a problem.

Also, garages are meant to be a place in which to keep items that cannot be kept in warmer temperatures for a long period of time, such as paint. Not only is this because garages are not as insulated against the cold weather, but also because the cement garage flooring locks in coolness from that cooler weather, thus providing, for storage, the necessary cooler temperatures.

Another reason why cement garage flooring is important is because it is easier to clean up excess water on cement floors from a flood. Perhaps you have noticed in times of excessive rainfall that on of the first places that become flooded is the garage, so cement garage flooring is very important for keeping your car safe.

It is important to note that this kind of flooring should not be too smooth, because if it is, the tires of the car will spin when you are trying to back out of the garage, or someone could slip while walking in the garage area. Thus, this kind of cement garage flooring should have proper traction above all things, and if you floor has that, then chances are you have already taken precautions to make your garage flooring as safe as possible.


You would like a new kind of flooring, but are bored by the standard kind of floors that are available. You would like something that is unique, but sturdy at the same time, so an excellent option for you is bamboo flooring.

About Bamboo Flooring

When you think of bamboo flooring, chances are that you find it rather hard to believe that such a thing exists. After all, bamboo is food for pandas, right? Yes, but bamboo has been using for many other things throughout the centuries.

In China, bamboo has been cultivated for thousands of years. Bamboo has been used for paper, utensils, building material, and artwork. If you doubt the strength of bamboo flooring, it should be noted that in the Hiroshima blast, bamboo was the life form that most survived.

If you are an environmentalist, you know that in order to have beautiful wood flooring, trees need to be cut down in the process. Bamboo flooring is thus an excellent way to have a kind of wood flooring, but at the same time preserving the environment, because bamboo is actually a type of grass. The bamboo for bamboo flooring is harvested from a natural resource that regenerates itself in short amount of time.

Bamboo flooring is not only sturdy and environmentally safe, but it is also beautiful to look at. This kind of flooring can be made in decorative patterns, or it can be in carbonize or natural colors.

Many markets have already noted the efficiency of bamboo flooring, and have successfully incorporated this kind of flooring. These kinds of markets include executive offices, upscale condominiums, and various retail stores.

So, how is bamboo turned into bamboo flooring? It takes five years for bamboo to fully mature, and at that time it is harvested. The bamboo is then cut into horizontal or vertical strips, soaked for several days in a solution, and then dried for several more days. The strips are then layered together to create the bamboo flooring.

If you are interested in bamboo flooring, search the internet for a local flooring company that installs that kind of flooring. Bamboo flooring is still just making its name in the flooring market, but by choosing this kind of flooring, you are not only adding a beautiful look to you home, but you are helping the environment at the same time, which make this truly excellent flooring.


You would like to get a patio, and you live in a climate that allows you to get some use out of it during every season. However, in order to get the best use possible, you will have to select the right patio flooring.

About Patio Flooring

In order to get the right patio flooring, you have to understand what a patio really is. A patio is a designated outdoor area generally used for relaxation and recreation purposes. There are actually many different kinds of patios, and so it should come as no surprise that you can choose many different kinds of flooring.

The first kind of flooring that you can choose for your patio is wood flooring. This would then make the patio actually more of a deck. However, if you do choose this kind of flooring, be sure that it has been properly sanded as to avoid splinters, and that is has been treated to withstand any kind of weather. If this is not done, you will most likely have mold.

The second kind of flooring that you can choose is cement flooring. Cement is ideal for temperate climates. If it is out in hot weather for too long, it actually generates heat, so make sure that there is an umbrella on the patio if you choose cement. Also, in colder weather, cement tends to crack, so be that the cement has been properly treated.

The third kind of flooring that you can choose is tiling. There are many examples of patio floors that have been beautifully tiled, but be sure to note that tiles do not stand up well against cold weather. Thus, if you are thinking about tiles, you should ideally live in a climate that is at least temperately warm for most of the year.

Of course, your options are more varied if you would like to have your patio enclosed. For example, a screened patio means that it is protected against the element by a roof, so the climate that you live in does not matter as much.

You must also think of what the patio will mostly be used for. Is it going to be just a place to sit and relax, or is it going to be a place for parties? Whatever flooring you choose, just be sure that it fits both the purpose of the patio and the climate restrictions, and this way you can truly enjoy your patio.